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Hinchman Consulting


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If you would like know more about any of it, We’d suggest you get right to KTV (like i did so and also this is a great place to go to). You can see a list of all KTV in Korea, from cheapest to most expensive right here: the average (average) space: You can view above that we didn’t even have a category 2. While in basic the cost is between 20,000-40,000 won, this category covers the middle-ground. Apgujeong. A comparatively unknown area with numerous hidden gems, Apgujeong actually comes alive after the sun falls.

Apgujeong is easily reachable via train (line No.3, Apgujeong Station), bus (6, Gwanghwamun Square bus end) or taxi (Gangnam). There are two primary forms of 7-Elevens in Seoul: the people on Gyeongdong and people in Gangnam. Many expat’s consider the Seoul’s 7-11 in Gangnam due to its proximity to the trendy, foreigner focused Itaewon area. In reality, 풀싸롱 the region was known as Itaewon long before Itaewon became element of Gyeonggi Province and now it’s being recognized in South Korea as a contemporary, international art district saturated in free galleries, bars, coffee homes, and restaurants.

The district could be the only spot in Seoul in which the term art is acceptable in the commercial feeling. The area additionally hosts some amazing music festivals, shows, and available mic evenings. In contrast, the Gyeongdong 7-Elevens are little convenience stores making use of their costs promoted literally inside the buildings. In South Korea, convenience shops sell an alternative pair of items to just what one might be prepared to get in the United States.

For instance, they do not sell coffee, and several individuals are astonished to master the shops make their fortune from attempting to sell alcohol. This type of shop is much better to an American liquor store, however, plus they provide equivalent things as much of them do back home (milk and soft drink). Although Gyeongdong’s 7-Elevens are little, with an overall total area of over 9,000 square meters, the typical living area in each shop is lower than 900 square meters.

They could house as much as 300 individuals and thus are usually just a little bigger compared to the regular Korean convenience shop, but there are still about six or seven people standing in line to purchase their snacks. These places are excellent for stocking up on lunch ingredients, or getting a breakfast sandwich because breakfast isn’t offered really early in the early morning. When it comes time for your meal, but, the lines that begin at Gyeongdong’s 7-Elevens can last over an hour.

In my own individual opinion, you’re best off making use of your cash on something different. For instance, in place of spending money on a cheap karaoke space, you will need to do activities, consume, etc.

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